13 Woodland Baby Shower Ideas

Create an elegant fairytale scene with our best Woodland baby shower decoration ideas.

A woodland theme for a baby shower is a special setting that can transform any place into a magical woodland paradise. The deep Moss green and brown accent colors, paired with adorable forest friends, will give you the inspiration you need to host a storybook baby shower.

Below we’ve gathered 13 of the best décor ideas that will inspire you to create the baby shower of your dreams!

Moodboard - 13 Woodland Baby Shower Ideas

1. How cute are these Oreo Acorn Balls for the Woodland theme? Find a recipe here.
2. Find this beautiful cake’s recipe here and adorable Schleich deer figurines here.
3. We found these sweet Gingerbread Squirrel and Acorn Cookies from Picket Fence Confections.
4. Direct baby shower guests to your event with pretty moss monogram letters. Available in an ampersand option and your choice of letters, have fun spelling out your special message. Hang on doors, walls, or mantles for a colorful, lush, and natural look.
5. Use these clear Acrylic Dome Cloche with Galvanized Metal Base for Displaying Miniatures.
6. How adorable is this Deer Bird Cage pillow cover from Fab Funky Pillows?
7. Reflect the motif in the food as well. Here, cookies in the shapes of acorns from Whisk.
8. These Tiny Woodland Deer miniatures are from Smile Mercantile.
9. Woodland themed Deer Antler Cake Topper from the Sprinkle Sisters.
10. Frame this Animal Tracks Art Print to decorate tables.
11. Bring your love of the outdoors to your baby shower with this pretty moss heart garland. Individual heart shaped moss decorations are strung together to create an exquisite garland that can be draped along entryways, tables, and railings.
12. Decorate walls with this Deer Print from Fab Funky.
13. Wrap your silverware in these beautiful burlap pockets and add some dried flowers or leaves for that woodland feel. So cute and clever and they really complete the look of the entire rustic, woodland baby shower theme.

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